Visual Storyteller

With over 5 years of professional experience, I have shot photos around the world for a vast array of clients. I’ve done a little bit of everything and can help you bring your photographic vision to life, from action and landscape shots in the mountains, to commercial work in the studio.

I specialize in outdoor adventure photography, taking photos in places that most people can’t reach. As a hiker, snowboarder, and climber, I can shoot products and athletes in most backcountry environments, while performing the most extreme of activities. I’ve operated my cameras in negative temperatures, in scorching deserts, on mountain tops, and while buried in snow and mud. Harsh environments are where I thrive, and where I have the most fun. Check out my galleries to see a range of my photo work!



I started my adventure with camera’s filming my friends skiing and snowboarding, running around with a point and shoot that I borrowed from my mom. A lot has changed since then, but I still love running around, filming things with my camera. Shooting video in the action sports industry has taught me how to capture the critical moment of an event, those frames that conveys the emotion, stakes, and action to the audience, so they can feel like they are really there. I’ve applied these skills to a variety of projects, enabling me to create and produce more captivating stories no matter the subject.

Whether it is an action edit, event recap, time-lapse project, or commercial interview, I can produce projects from conception through post production, delivering a final product that is ready to communicate your message to your audience and the world.



Storytelling is not limited to photos and videos. A good design, whether it is an advertising campaign or brand identity, should communicate a message clearly to the target audience. With a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Illinois, not only do I have the technical knowledge to create your design, but also a strong working knowledge of design thinking and human centered design. I have the capability to concept and deliver a design or campaign that will communicate your message while following (or creating) your brand image.

With experience on a wide range of branding projects, I specialize in creating brand identities and the content and assets to go along with it.